Alpha step 200 manual download

Alpha step 200 manual

ALPHA-STEP Profiler Operation Manual V (TENCOR INSTRUMENT). Software V Figure 1. The Alpha-Step Profiler. The top half of the system . Tencor Alpha Step Operating Instructions. This machine is to be used by authorized personnel only. For training & consultation contact: Lab Manager, Omid. 11 Mar - 4 min - Uploaded by Brumley South Brumley South, Inc., engineer explains how to adjust stylus force on an Alpha Step

The Alphastep is a computerized step profiler with a programmable X-Y stage, This manual will describe operation of this system in manual mode "only ". The Tencor AlphaStep Profilometer is a stylus-based surface profiler used to measure thin film thicknesses, step heights, etch depths, and micro-roughness. The Alphastep is a computerized step profiler with a manual X-Y stage, and a 9" video monitor which displays a magnified view of the sample and stylus.

KLA-TENCOR ALPHA-STEP PROFILER consisting of: Model: Alpha-Step - Wafer Chuck: 6"/mm- Manual Wafer Load Surface Profiler-. AS -Sales- Refurbished-Upgrades-Parts! Tencor AlphaStep Surface Profiler - Sales-Refurbished and fully functional to Manual and printer paper.

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