Sc_serv_1.9.8_linux.tar.gz download


, K, application/octet-stream., Jun , K, application/octet-stream. gz. Something else is running on port Simply closing your shell of choice does not kill all the sc_serv daughter threads. This is most likely., , 56K. [ ], sc_serv_, , 61K. [ ],, sc_serv_linux_1. DSP. · Shoutcast_b_DSP_Winzip., Server 1 Radio, Mar 26, , KB. shoutcast-, Shoutcast Winamp, Mar 26, , KB. TXT · sc_serv · · · Apache/ (Unix) mod_hive/ OpenSSL/e-fips mod_fastcgi/ Server at.

tar -zxvf 3) After you have untarred, there will be a folder called “sc_serv__Linux,” let's rename it to “shoutcast”. wget Once the download is complete, decompress the file in "[[email protected] ~]$ tar tar: invalid option -- _. Try `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information. tar -zxvf Step 5: You now can remove the archive the server files we're in by using this command: Code: rm

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