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Ahmad Shamlou (December 12, – July 23, ) was an Iranian poet, writer, and journalist. Shamlou was arguably the most influential poet of modern Iran. Ahmad Shamloo (Persian: احمد شاملو‎, Ahmade Šāmlū Persian pronunciation: [æhˈmæd(-e) ʃˈɒːmluː], also known under his pen name A. Bamdad (Persian: ا. Comments about Ahmad Shamloo. 10/12/ AM ## You Are Here: Ahmad Shamloo - Ahmad Shamloo Poems. "Don -e- Araam" translated by Ahmad Shamlu is published. Jan 13, , New set of of Shamlu CD's such as "Bagh Ayneh", and "Qoqnus dar Baran" and some .

احمد شاملو / Ahmad Shamloo — 'چراغی در دستچراغی در دلم.زنگار روحم را صیقل می زنماینه ئی برابر اینه ات می گذارمتا از توابدیتی بسازم.'. Iranian Persian poet, writer, and journalist. Ahmad Shamlou Ahmad Shamlou - magliecalciovendita.com × ; KB . Ahmad Shamloo magliecalciovendita.com × ; 23 KB. Ahmad Shamloo. Tear is a secret. Laughter is a secret. Love is a secret. The tear of that night was laughter of my love. I am not a story you can tell. Not a melody.

Ahmad Shamlou, also known under his pen name, Alef Bamdad, is among the most influential Iranian literary voices of the twentieth century and widely known. The Persian poet, also known by the surname Shamloo, or in his homeland as Ahmad Šāmlū, occasionally used the pen name A. Bamdad when writing poetry. Ahmad Shamloo (Also known under his pen name A. Bamdad) (November 24, – July 23, ) was a Persian poet, writer, and journalist. Shamlou was.

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